The energy market has undergone an unprecedented number of changes over the past year, so it is understandable that as a business it is a concerning time with many prices increasing throughout a business supply chain, but energy should not be treated as a luxury.

How can you reduce your business energy consumption, whilst investing in the future?


  • Install long-lasting compact fluorescent light (CFL) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs

As well as being long-lasting, LED lights have many benefits to both the business and their staff. On average LED lights can last 50,000 hours, and remain bright until they expire. LED bulbs also do not generate UV light, adding a health benefit to the employees who are working within the offices for longer than a few hours per day.


  • Use Natural Sunlight where possible

Natural light will always be the best source of light. Being wary of the screen and light glare, use natural light as much as possible, keeping prosthetic lighting to a minimal. Seasonal light timers and dimmers will be useful to keep lights at a constant level avoiding light strain on the eyes.


  • Motion sensors & automatic dimmers

Motion sensors are vital to ensure that lighting is only used when it is needed. Removing any issues with forgetting to turn off lighting, it can also be a security measure, so if there is any movement in the empty premises, lighting will be activated, this could also be linked to an alarm system.


  • Solar Panels & Renewable energy options

The time to invest in renewable is now, with the uncertainty of sourcing of fossil fuels as well as the moral obligation to invest into the future. Solar panels are a great option for businesses looking to become carbon neutral, as they can offset the majority if not all the electricity which is used at the premises. Ultimately saving in your energy costs in the long term.


  • Smart meters

Useful piece of kit to monitor live what energy your business is consuming; you will also be able to see if there are any peaks and troughs in usage throughout the day, allowing your business to identify points and equipment which is consuming higher than usual, so actions can be taken to reduce daily energy use.


  • Engage your staff

Possibly the most effective tool, engage your staff to be part of your energy-saving process. Never leave PCs or unnecessary electrical equipment on standby for long periods of time (night and weekends). Your staff are those who are using your business energy, so it is vital they stay informed about any energy changes.


These are just a few examples of how as a business you can look to reduce your energy consumption in an uncertain energy market.

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