No matter what your business does you want to keep costs down. One area that is often overlooked is business gas and electricity bills. Switching energy supplier can be time consuming. However, if you use an energy broker, such as Ash Energy, they can take the hassle out of the process.

The biggest reason to switch is usually to get a better deal. As the average price of non-domestic electricity bills increased by 3.5% between 2016-2017, comparing prices could save you money.

Not everything is about cost though. You may choose to switch to a better customer support, a tariff that better suits your needs or to a green energy provider.

Don’t panic, whatever the reason you choose to switch, your energy can’t be switched off. On switch day your new supplier will simply pick up where your old one left.

If you are thinking of switching we can help. Simply send us a copy of your bill or use our online comparison tool HERE.